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International Translation & Interpretation Center

CEO셲 Message

CEO셲 Message

I take pleasure to extend my warmest regards to all of you.

Our country, the Republic of Korea, is well known to be a country that is constantly on the path of growth. The core of the growth is our culture, which is based on the human resources of ability and creativity. In Korea, despite a shortage of natural resources, our talented people have been a highly valued resource throughout our country셲 history of 5000 years.

These days, the exchange between countries becomes much more frequent and deeper. As a result, we face the serious task of how to master the communication skills needed to deal with the entire world outside of our own country. I believe that interpretation and translation of quality are at the center of this task.

ITIC is a professional agency for translation and interpretation services. Since 1999, we have been serving numerous international events, such as conferences, fairs and exhibitions. In particular, we are focusing on the convention market, which is becoming one of the most powerful and important businesses of the world.

Most of ITIC셲 clients are public institutes or government offices in Korea. Therefore, ITIC has had many opportunities to be involved in distinguished convention projects, hosted by organizations such as ADB, UNESCAP, ILO, and APEC, as well as World Knowledge Forum, World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, and Seoul World Mayors Forum, etc. The know-how we have gained through these wonderful experiences is the precious value of ITIC.

ITIC never settles with the present. With eyes and hearts wide opened, we always do our best to assist our clients, and aim to stand by the fruitful future of Korea.

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Kyoungmee Lee
President of ITIC Co., Ltd.

The ITIC Concept

The ITIC Concept

ITIC is reliable: For all kinds of interpretation and translation projects, ITIC has the professional skills for organizing and managing your project. However, most of all, our sincerity about each project is what sets us apart from the rest. Trust your partner ITIC.

ITIC is honest. The market of interpretation and translation, particularly for the international conferences occasionally requires specific consultations when dealing with our domestic clients. ITIC셲 consultation is clear and truthful, always helpful in making the right choice.

At ITIC, we are very strict in selecting our people. There are specific paths required to be eligible for professional interpretation and translation for international conferences. ITIC hires only experts who have graduated from genuine graduate schools of interpretation and translation in Korea.

Why ITIC? 닋 Why do you need a Professional Agency?

Why ITIC? 닋 Why do you need a Professional Agency?

Rare experts, rare professionalism
As a nation, Korea셲 exposure to international affairs can be said to be rather short, due to historical factors. For this reason, the culture of international conventions is still not familiar to the Korean public. Now plenty of Korean people challenge to learn English and master it at the highest level.

However, the number of genuine conference interpreters is below 60-70 in the entire country. Moreover, among them, there are only a few who have truly attained the top level.

Many of our clients have difficulties understanding the world of conference interpretation, from the high labour cost to the interpreters acceptance of each inquiry from the clients. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to consult with an expert agency. Please feel free to ask us anything, anytime.

What ITIC Does
We know where we stand: ITIC is well equipped to deal with cases where there is a need to discuss or adjust the projects. Our responsibility is to act as a link between our clients and the interpreters. We must correctly understand the rights and the duties of each other, and allow each project to flow efficiently.

As much as you invest: It is our duty to help our clients to save their time, energy, as well as money. Nevertheless, our experts deserve a certain a value they are qualified professionals who have invested long time and efforts to reach such a skill in his/her profession. Depending on the project, ITIC makes a professional judgement for the total satisfaction of the client.

We know when to say 쏯o: Recently, there have been cases when some other agencies and free-lancers have tried to engage in unreasonable negotiation. Usually it is a careless decision without consideration for their actual ability and the actual time that a project might require. There is no doubt the final victim will always be the client. For this reason, we do not hesitate to say 쏯o. This only happens when we judge that the needs of our clients are not going to be met. In the end, ITIC셲 professionalism certainly will make the clients say 쏽es!.

ITIC셲 Services

ITIC셲 Services

Various topics:
I/T (Information & Technology)
Law / Politics
Literature / Arts
Medical science / Pharmacology
Architecture / Engineering
Various types: Various types of documents for international conferences
Corporate profiles / Reports
Presentation materials / manuscripts
Proceedings, Research reports

Simultaneous Interpretation: Two interpreters form a team and provide simultaneous (real-time) interpretation of the speaker셲 presentation in an environment where interpretation equipment is provided. Highly technical conferences may require three interpreters for one team.

Consecutive Interpretation: In principle, consecutive interpretation requires one interpreter who delivers the interpretation after the original speech. The speaker and interpreter alternate in delivering the presentation: the speaker gives a portion of the presentation and then the interpreter delivers the interpretation. Highly specialized presentations may require two interpreters.

Business Interpretation: For contract negotiation and trade consulting etc., our interpreter can participate during the one-to-one discussion, and deliver the interpretation in the form of consecutive interpretation.

Escort Interpretation
Exhibition booth
In-house interpreter / translator dispatch
Shorthand Description

ITIC셲 Portfolio (Key Projects)

ITIC셲 Portfolio (Key Projects)

International Organizations

ADB Annual Meeting
ICOLD Annual Meeting
APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministers Meeting
UITP (International Union of Public Transport) Asian-Pacific Meeting
ILO Asian Regional Meeting
UNESCAP Ministerial Conference for Environment and Development
Ministerial Conference on Transportation
FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission
OECD Meetings

Korean Government & Public Institutes
Various meetings held by:
Ministry of Financial and Economy
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries
Ministry of Construction & Transportation
Ministry of Labour
Korea Food & Drug Administration
Seoul Metropolitan Government
The Province of Gangwon
Korea Development Institute
Korea National Statistical Office
Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training
Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency
Korea Standard Association
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency
Korea Science Foundation
Korea Institute of Design Promotion
Korea Water Resources Corporation
Korea National Tourism Organization: Korea Convention Bureau

Private Enterprises
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electrics
Samsung Corporation
LG International Corporation
SK Corporation
The Export-Import Bank of Korea
Kookmin Bank
Asiana Airlines
CJ Systems
GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Company
Maeil Business Newspaper: World Knowledge Forum
OSSTEM Implant
Oracle Korea
Renaissance Hotel
Moody셲 Investors Service Korea
Motorola Korea

KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)
MBC (Munwha Broadcasting Corporation)
COEX Convention and Exhibition
Busan Exhibition & Convention Center
Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center
Gwangju Kimdaejung Convention Center
World Culture Open
Preliminary Meetings for Yeosu EXPO 2012